Come Experience the difference

Happy New Year!  I wanted to personally thank you for your continued support of our New Shop.  We are extremely excited for what 2019 has in store for American Tire and Automotive. 

Today I wanted to speak about repair shops in general.  I challenge all of you to do a YELP search of the local Big Box/National Chain shops in Yorkville or your area.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.  The reviews make me sick to be apart of this great industry and there is so many negative reviews on all of them.  However, they also remind me of why I started my own shop.  I wanted to treat people the right way, give them a fair price, do the service correctly the first time, and just be honest overall.  If you did look at the national chain locations in our area, you did not have to scroll very far to see how they really treat people.  Now I know everyone has an off day.  But come on.  That is not the way to treat the people that are paying your salary.  So, if you are a customer of one of these National Chains, there are honest, hardworking repair shops out there.  We are one of them.  I’m not asking you to give me your business, I haven’t earned that yet.  I am asking you to let American Tire and Automotive earn your business.  Let us WOW you!  This article did not start because I was looking to slam my competition, it started because I was looking around at what other shops were doing to keep busy.  I thought certainly, they must be doing something better than I am.  After reading the comments I know they are not.   Give us the opportunity they have wasted.  Let us show you what great service looks like, let us show you that we truly value you, let us show you that you are a person and a friend when you come in not a dollar sign, and let us give you back faith in our industry.

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