check engine light funny

Whats that light?

Is that light really important?



YES!!! A check engine light means something is not right with your vehicle. It could mean something as simple as a gas cap not tightened or as complex as a catalytic convertor. The check engine light is part of your vehicles onboard diagnostic system. The diagnostic system controls and monitors the vehicle performance and in most cases major operating systems. When something is not performing correctly a light is triggered (check engine light) and a trouble code is stored in the computer. This code, when properly diagnosed, can help determine what is wrong with your vehicle. Always seek the advice of a professional and here is why. Many retail parts stores will scan the codes on your vehicle with a code scanner. Some will even go as far as printing out a sheet of what the possible solutions to the check engine light are. Here is the problem, most of the time the code that comes up is an indicator to what is wrong. For example, a misfire code on cylinder 4 could be spark plugs, wires, ignition coil, or something else. Lots of possibilities. This is where more diagnostic information and research needs to be performed. And this is where a professional would perform a diagnostic service on your vehicle. Don’t get me wrong, a code scanner is handy, and the parts store can let you know the code, but that is it. I hear it all the time, the guy at the parts store scanned my car and told me this is what’s wrong with my vehicle. Why do I have to pay to have that done again? As explained above, the code is just a hint to what is going on with the vehicle. When we suggest a repair to be performed, we need to make sure that service will fix the issue. At American Tire and Automotive our diagnostic fee is half of my hourly rate. We want to help you keep your vehicle safe and running efficiently on the road. Come experience the difference!

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