Small Business Strong!

Wow, this has been a crazy start to 2020. I entered 2020 on a huge positive, we purchased and merged with Speed Wrench Garage. We had a great January and February. I was finally feeling good about where we were heading as a shop. Then COVID happened, a national pandemic that rocked the world, our local community, and American Tire and Automotive. There was a 4-week period when I thought we may have to shut this dream down. Then something wonderful happened, our community came out in force and supported us. We certainly did not set any records, but we were able to pay some bills and keep our employees paid! I humbly thank each person that came out to support us during that time. I have said it before we have the best community and clients in the world! As many of you know there were programs set up to help small businesses, the paycheck protection and economic disaster impact loan, they came extremely underwhelming and too late. As we saw 60% loss in revenue and many of our bills/companies were not willing to be flexible with terms. We are doing our best to dig out of that hole.  Through faith and community support we made it through. However, we like many other small businesses, still need your support. Our community still needs your support! If you are able, when making buying decisions, please do what you can to support our local small businesses. We are all in this together and need to support each other instead of tearing each other down. Small Business Strong!


Thank you for your Support

The Jones Family

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