is 2020 over yet…..


This year continues to get stranger and stranger.  We’ve had to adapt to a lot of changes and “the new way of business.”  It has not been easy, it fact it has been quite a struggle.  Our small business, like many in our community need your continued support.  I am thankful to have a supportive family, a great staff, and a shop in the best community in the world.  For that, thank you, we really appreciate your support through this exceedingly difficult time.  We know we are not alone in this fight.  I know there is a lot of people and small businesses that need, help them!  A simple phone call to say hi or spending your money at a small business instead of a large chain helps.  At American Tire and Automotive, we are no different.  We face the same struggles our local community does as well, we need support, our community needs support.  We had a lot of big plans for 2020 that will have to wait but what doesn’t need to wait is giving back.  One of our initiatives to positively impact our community and give back.  At church a few Sundays ago, a video came on for convoy of hope, if you do not know the mission I invite you to look it up.  The gist of it is to give one day of wages to those less fortunate.  So, with that being said Oct 30th will be our convoy of hope day!  American Tire and Automotive will give 100% of our profits that day to the cause.  We all have the power to effect change, this is one small thing that we can do to help those that need help.  Join us Friday October 30th from 8-5pm.  It could be a simple oil change or maybe you need wipers, who knows but 100% of our profits will go to Convoy of Hope!  Lets rally our community and do some good in this crazy year!  Appointments will be required.  Thank you again for your continued support of American Tire and Automotive, and your support of all our great local businesses!

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