Digital Vehicle inspection

I have a friend that runs a shop and says, trust is earned, never given!  Good point, especially when dealing with the complicated and every changing modern vehicle that is used to drive your family around.  How do you know what your mechanic is telling you is what is best for your vehicle?  Well, the answer is proof.  At American Tire and Automotive we use what is called a digital vehicle inspection on every vehicle that comes into the shop.  This allows us to make a digital record of what is going on with your vehicle.  We use the digital inspection to educate you on what is going on with your vehicle.  At ATA, we do two different types of inspections.  First is a safety inspection, this is done on every vehicle.  Our trained technicians validate that multiple safety systems are fully operational.  The main goal behind this inspection is so you feel confident that your vehicle is leaving our shop in safe, driving condition.  This is something we take very seriously, and it is done at no additional charge to you.  The second type of inspection we refer to as a Vehicle Health Inspection.  We recommend this be done once a year.  This inspection takes about an hour and we go through every system on the vehicle, take photos, and make detailed notes so we can educate you on what is going on with your vehicle.  Each of these inspections come with a detailed print out and our professionals will be happy to walk you through it.  Schedule your vehicle today with American Tire and Automotive.  Let us earn your trust and your business!

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