Creating a Vehicle Maintenance Schedule

One of the biggest things we get asked about is maintenance on vehicles.  I think it is well known that regular scheduled maintenance is the cheapest thing you can do to prolong the life of your vehicle.  But what does a maintenance schedule look like?  The average driver puts on 15,000 miles a year, and we live in Illinois which has serve driving conditions.  With this in mind here is a generic maintenance schedule to follow.  If you would like a specific maintenance schedule, please stop in and we would be more than happy to put one together for your vehicle.

Every Year – Vehicle wheel Alignment, Heating and AC system checked, cabin air filter replaced

Every 5,000 Miles – Oil Change, Safety inspection, check tire pressure

Every 10,000 Miles – Replace Air filter, Replace wiper blades (twice a year), Rotate and balance tires

30,000 Miles (Factory Scheduled Maintenance)

                 Brake inspection, Suspension inspection, ride control inspection, Replace Transmission Fluid, Replace Differential                    Fluid, Replace Headlight bulbs if not LED (believe it or not headlights dim over time), replace fuel filter if possible,                    Inspection of all systems, fuel injection cleaning.

60,000 Miles (Factory Scheduled Maintenance)

                Most likely tires and brakes will need to be replaced at or before this mile marker.  Go through everything listed in                 30,000 miles.  Inspection and possible replacement of belts and hoses.  Brake Flush, battery will need to be replace                 (average life of a battery is 4 years).

90,000 Miles (Factory Scheduled Maintenance)

                Repeat of 30,000/60,000 schedule.  Coolant flush, Power Steering Flush, Replace Spark Plugs

Vehicle repair is getting more complex with the newer vehicles.  This means increased prices at the shop.  Shop owners are having to invest in new technology and really having to focus on technician training to keep up with the current trends.  Getting on a maintenance schedule with your shop is going to maintain performance and prolong the life of your vehicle.  If you need a good, honest repair shop, let American Tire and Automotive earn your trust and your



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