is 2020 over yet…..

  This year continues to get stranger and stranger.  We’ve had to adapt to a lot of changes and “the new way of business.”  It has not been easy, it fact it has been quite a struggle.  Our small business,…

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Small Business Strong!

Wow, this has been a crazy start to 2020. I entered 2020 on a huge positive, we purchased and merged with Speed Wrench Garage. We had a great January and February. I was finally feeling good about where we were…

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We had a great message at church over the weekend, Be kind! As I do with all sermons, I find a way to relate it to my own life. Whether it be personally or professionally. This week it got me…

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A year in review

A year in Review   2019 was the best year ever! I was able to spend a lot of quality time with my family. The shop was extremely profitable, and we were able to make a huge impact in the…

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Impact! 1st year is in the books

We have a lot to be thankful for this past year. We opened Saturday 8/11/2018, and we made it through the first year! I’ve learned a lot this past year, that is for sure. I also want to thank each…

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1213 I360 23

Remebering “WHY”

  I sometimes forget the why. We sometimes have tough weeks. As a small business owner, I get so wrapped up in the daily business that I forget why I left my steady, high paying, secure job. I forget what…

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check engine light funny

Whats that light?

Is that light really important?     YES!!! A check engine light means something is not right with your vehicle. It could mean something as simple as a gas cap not tightened or as complex as a catalytic convertor. The…

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Car Maintenance

150,000 miles is nothing these days

I can’t take credit for this article, I found it on How Your Car Can Live Past 150,000 Miles Improvements in technology, build quality and metallurgy mean that cars are living longer, even in the Rust Belt. Domestic and…

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April is National Car Care Month

Hello spring, good bye winter. Welcome to April! April in the automotive industry is known as National Car Care Month. With that in mind we focus on the importance of car care and preventative maintenance. One good resource on this…

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