We had a great message at church over the weekend, Be kind! As I do with all sermons, I find a way to relate it to my own life. Whether it be personally or professionally. This week it got me thinking about the path I followed to start my own shop. Most people go into business for a varied of reasons, money, be your own boss. Things like that. For me it was completely different. Don’t get me wrong, I want to make money, be my own boss, well I could take it or leave it. For me those things were far down the list of reasons why I opened ATA. The two main reasons where I wanted to positively impact my community and I wanted to change the Automotive repair industry perception. I wanted to make my community a better place by helping as many people out, having a positive impact on everyone around me. We have made some small strides, but I still want to do more and need to do more! Secondly, in my former position I had a unique opportunity to visit over 1000 shops through out the country. Let me tell you, the majority of what I saw made me ashamed to be part of this industry. Now don’t take that out of context, we do have some shops through out the country doing things the right way and treating people the way they should be treated but the bad far out weighted the good. A lot of the issues came down to honesty, quality of the work, and communication. Or like the message on Sunday said, Be Kind! It is with that approach and that mind set, that I opened my shop. Now we still have a long way to go to accomplish our goals, but I can promise you this. We will accomplish those goals and we will do it with that message in mind, BE KIND!

If you are looking for an honest, quality, automotive repair shop give American Tire and Automotive the opportunity to earn your trust and business.

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